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Game of Her Own

Sep 15, 2022

As a child imagine if you had always dreamt of having a career in television. Imagine, practicing in the mirror with a brush to get ready for your big moment, and as an adult, your dream came true. But what if you had moved to a different country and had to start your career over? You couldn’t land a job in television so to keep busy you accepted a job as a secretary in a country where you barely spoke the language.

That’s precisely what happened to Ana Jurka. She is now the Sports & Entertainment Anchor for  Telemundo, and she shares her incredible journey of how she started over, and when the opportunity came she was ready and showed everyone exactly why she should be on TV, regardless of what country she was from! 

Listen in as we talk about: 

  • Why she took a step back in her TV Host career when she moved to the US 
  • How she prepared and was always ready for the next opportunity to shine and show her talent 
  • Why she refused to go inside to deliver the reel that her husband created for her 
  • How she handles mom guilt and why setting boundaries has helped her in her career 

Y’all are in for a treat. Ana’s story will not only tug at your heartstrings, but she will have you laughing out loud. 


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Ana Jurka is a correspondent and co-anchor for various Deportes Telemundo properties.

She hosts the current affairs segments of the “Fútbol Estelar” and “Barclays Premier League” programs on Telemundo, mun2 and the sports digital platform.

Before joining the Deportes Telemundo team, Jurka was a sports anchor at Telemundo Orlando. She began her career in Honduras in 2004 as co-host of the motor sports program “Sobre Ruedas” on Channel 11. In 2007, Channel 54 offered her the opportunity to co-host the opinion program “Zona Joven” and later, the number one entertainment show on Honduran television, “Radicales,” establishing Jurka as one of the most well-known and respected faces on television in her country.

In 2012, Ana moved to the United States to start a new career. The Telemundo station in Orlando successfully launched her locally as a sports host and from there she quickly made it to the national level with the Deportes Telemundo team.