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Game of Her Own

May 26, 2022

Negotiating to get what you want in your career can leave you feeling overwhelmed, lack clarity, and make you question your value. So how do you get what you want out of a negotiation? 

When I say those words I automatically feel this fire inside me. Who doesn’t want to get what they want? I know I do! 

However, when it comes to negotiating we tend to pause our efforts and sometimes we just don’t do it. 

Why do we let the simple thought of a negotiation stop us dead in our tracks?   

My friend, let's say goodbye to the days of feeling like you can’t negotiate for what you want.  In this episode of the Game of Her Own Podcast, I talk about five strengths of skilled negotiators.  And to help you take action immediately you can download a free workbook to assess your own skills!  Link below!  


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