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Game of Her Own

Jan 6, 2022

Can you recall a time when you didn’t speak up and immediately felt regret?  You know that regret that sticks around and you feel it in your gut. There is no ignoring it. 


Is there a time that you used your voice and by speaking up you found that you gained more respect from your manager or colleagues? 


Or is there a time that you spoke up and someone else thanked you for it?  Because by speaking up and using your voice you inspired them to do the very same thing. 


In the latest episode of Game Her Own, I’m talking about 4 reasons why you want to use your voice in 2022!  My hope for you is that this episode not only inspires you, but when things get tough (because using your voice isn’t always as easy), you can remember these 4 reasons and use them as the fuel you need to keep pushing through and let your voice be heard. 


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