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Game of Her Own

Sep 23, 2021

Katrina Campbell, Assistant Athletic Director for Equipment for North Carolina A&T State University, is incredible and will leave you feeling inspired. Katrina is one of my coaching clients and when we finish our strategy sessions she leaves me feeling inspired! I know you will feel the same way after listening to her story. 


Listen in as Katrina shares: 

  • Why she chooses to go into the Air Force
  • What strategies she used to make sure her skills from the military were transferrable 
  • Why she didn’t slow down after being diagnosed with breast cancer
    Why she focuses on what she can do and not what can’t do 
  • How she pushed herself to keep going after suffering personal tragedy and loss 
  • Why and how she pours into her student-athletes 


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Katrina Campbell is the Assistant Athletic Director for Equipment at North Carolina A&T State University.  In her role as a certified equipment manager and member of the Athletic Equipment Managers Association, she serves as the District III President and MEAC Equipment Managers Liaison.  She is a passionate advocate for women in athletics administration, student athletes & student equipment managers and their future.  

Katrina graduated from NCA&T in 2004 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Education/Fitness & Wellness.  She was commissioned into the Air Force as a Logistics Readiness Officer from Detachment 605.  While on active duty, the former (Captain Robinson) held such responsibilities of aerial port operations that supported the President, cabinet, and foreign dignitaries, oversaw mass deployments, supply chain, vehicle operations, fuels and Officer Training School instructor.  Mrs. Campbell was medically retired from the Air Force in 2012, at the rank of Captain.

After being medically retired from the Air Force, she earned her Masters of Science in Sports Management and a Masters in Business Administration. She then combined her passion for logistics and love for athletics and volunteered as an equipment manager at NCA&T.  Katrina was hired in 2015 as the assistant equipment manager and was later offered the position of head equipment manager in 2019.  

She oversees equipment operations and contracts for 15 Division I men and women sports.   Mrs. Campbell has the responsibility of ensuring athletic uniforms and apparel for NCA&T are designed according to Conference, university, and NCAA rules.  She must also ensure proper sizing and fitting techniques to outfit athletes in appropriate & safe equipment.  Her work with student managers is a significant role; she promotes opportunities for growth and career guidance. 

Katrina Campbell is an 8-year breast cancer survivor who lost her mother and sister to the same.  She feels it is vital for families to share health history to help make proper decisions.  Mrs. Campbell holds the value of integrity and consistency high.  Standards and accountability are emphasized through every aspect of work and life.  She believes in working to understand the lessons in losses and the blessings in victories.