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Game of Her Own

Sep 2, 2021

We are taking a little break to enjoy the end of the summer but didn't want to leave you hanging! We are taking you back in time to episode 1 of the Game of Her Own podcast.  We will be back next Thursday with a new episode.  We hope you have a safe and happy long holiday weekend.

If you’re currently thinking, I don’t have clarity on what I’m supposed to do next in my career, you’re not alone. Hannah Basinger, the Vice President of Guest Operations and Strategy for the Atlanta Braves, knows what that feels like, too. Throughout her career, she’s always trusted her gut, even when it was difficult. Jahaan finds out how she’s managed to make her passion her career and why she believes that the moment she was offered her current Vice President role was no different than when she was a trainee and had to respond to a stack of fan complaints. Hannah’s honesty will inspire you to trust yourself next time you’re presented with a big career decision!


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