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Game of Her Own

Dec 17, 2020

Forbes 30 Under 30! Take an idea from a side hustle to a full-time successful business! Unite a community of 160,000 (and growing) sports fans with female voices! These are things that some people only dream about doing!  


But it is exactly what Ellen Hyslop and her co-founders at The GIST did. I was SO EXCITED that I got to spend some time with Ellen. She gave us a behind the scenes look at her journey in the sports world and how they created The GIST. 


In their own words... “The GIST is a sports media startup that creates sports content, experiences, and community that are by women, and for all sports fans. For the last two years, The GIST has shaken up the male-dominated sports media space by creating an inclusive and accessible community for all sports fans through our irreverent, fun, and female voice.” 


Listen in as Ellen and I chat about 

-How the Gist went from idea to a successful business 

-When they made the jump from a side hustle to a full-time business 

-The sacrifices they needed to make to make it work 

-How they approached leading a team for the first time 

-Why they surround themselves with people who are smarter than them 

-How they chose their path when it came to raising funds for their business 

-How they view competition, failure and listening to your gut 



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