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Game of Her Own

Dec 10, 2020

The Super Bowl, NFL Draft, & Pro Bowl! Imagine being a part of some of the world’s biggest events. Heather Nanbereg, Director of Event Strategy and Fan Engagement for the NFL has played major roles in all of those events. 


Y’all, we jam-packed a lot into 45 minutes! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Heather on Super Bowl and Pro Bowl and she is the real deal!!   


Listen in as we talk about: 

-How she saw opportunities and went after exactly what she wanted 

-How she leaned into her passions to have a rewarding and fulfilling job 

-Advice on getting a job with the NFL 

-How she developed the role she has didn’t exist before 

-How she turned nothing into something that led to bigger opportunities 

-The keys to implementing a successful new initiative 

-One thing she does that she believes is the secret to her success 

-The value of having trusted allies 


And you know there is so much more! There always is with these incredible women who work in sports. 



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