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Game of Her Own

Sep 10, 2020

Tune in as Jahaan chats with Cyone Batiste, the former Senior Director, Marketing and Communications for the Atlanta Basketball Host Committee.  Get this, she has worked in five major markets and not even 30 yet! 


Cyone didn’t fall in love with sports.  She fell in love with the storytelling of sports and has worked on some of the world’s biggest stages including Super Bowls and Finals Four! Jahaan and Cyone talk about all the things and one thing that was consistent is she always chooses courage over comfort.


Girl, click play now if you want to hear Jahaan’s conversation with Cyone.  They talk about:


-Cyone getting her foot in the door of such a competitive industry

-The power of your network  

-Stepping outside of your comfort zone 

-Making the decision to move away from family

-Working contracted positions

-Adapting to a new job in a new city

-How she brings her authentic confident self 

-How she prepares to give presentations, meetings, and pitch new ideas

-The power of female representation and how it shaped her career


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