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Game of Her Own

Sep 22, 2022

I often hear women who are trying to get into the sports industry say that it’s impossible to get a job because they have no experience in the industry.  I hope they believe me when I tell them that is absolutely not true. I beg of you not to buy into the false narrative just because it may bring you comfort during a challenging period in your career. 

If you don’t believe me, listen to my conversation with Pinky Raina. 

She was named CFO and COO of the U.S. Soccer Federation and came from a non-sports background.  

Not only was she offered a C-level role, but less than three years later she was an honoree for SBJ Game Changer for Women in Sports business.  

Regardless of the level, if the job description doesn’t explicitly say don’t apply if you don’t have sports experience, you need to go for it. 

Not only do Pinky and I talk about how she was transparent about not having sports experience during the interview process, but we also talk a lot about how to prioritize taking time off from work and how to make sure you truly disconnect. 

We also talk about 

  • How to get over having mom guilt
  • Why she started taking calculated risks
  • How mentors helped her find her voice 
  • The lens you should look at failure through

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As a CFO and COO, I bring over 20 years of leadership experience innovating, building and scaling organizations in public, private and not-for-profit organizations. I’ve managed revenues of up to $1 Billion, held C-level roles in Manufacturing and Sports & Entertainment industry, and gained additional industry sector experience from roles as an auditor and fraud investigator at Deloitte.