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Game of Her Own

Jul 21, 2022

I love that part of my job is to talk to strong women who work in the sports industry. In every conversation, I am left blown away by the strength, reliance, and coverage of the women I interview. The same goes for Julie Hershkowitz, Senior Associate for Whoop Labs.

Julie opens up and shares: 

  • Why and how she said yes to everything early in her career 
  • How she is building relationships internally as a new employee
  • Why she believes she is good at everything 
  • How she managed herself while working in a toxic work environment 
  • Why she felt the need to talk to her manager about the elephant in the room 

You don’t want to miss a second of conversation.


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Originally from New York City, Julie now calls Boston, MA home. A graduate of Northeastern University's Sports Leadership Masters Program, Julie strives to bring positive change to her community through the lens of sports! Julie got her start working in collegiate athletics working as the Director of Hockey Operations for the Northeastern University Women's Ice Hockey team; where she found her passion for developing and mentoring female athletes. She has worked for the Boston Red Sox, Lululemon and Athleta in brand development, community outreach/engagement. Currently, Julie works for WHOOP on the data science team supporting the marketing, outreach and branding strategy for WHOOP Labs. If you're local to Boston, MA or Austin, TX sign up for a study at and come see for yourself how special a place it is!