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Game of Her Own

Jul 14, 2022

When did you first start managing people? Did you feel prepared? Did you just get thrown in the fire? 

A lot of us who manage people don’t go through any formal training and use a combination of instinct and how you were managed in the past. 

Whether you have managed, manage one now, or aspire to manage a team, in this episode of The Game of Her Own podcast, I talk about the four basic needs of high-performing teams. 

I like to imagine we all want high-performing teams. Right? We want teams that drive results, increase revenue, and make an impact in the organization!  

At the end of the day high-performing teams make you look good in the eyes of your team and leadership. Get this, it also makes your job easier! 

So listen in as I gave you four basic needs that you want to make sure you are giving your team! 


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Game of Her Own | Episode 119: