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Game of Her Own

Jun 30, 2022

Working in a toxic work environment can crush your spirit and disrupt your life. It can be lonely and hard for you to see your way out.  Once you are out, you may have some wounds that take a while to heal.  

Cassandra Pisone found the courage to leave a toxic work environment and now she is thriving in her career!  


Listen in as we talk about:

  • We talk about red flags of working in a toxic work environment 
  • When it’s time to leave a toxic work environment and how to handle the wounds 
  • Working in high-pressure events like Super Bowl 
  • Why managing up and transparency has helped her career


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Cassandra Pisone is Sr. Director, US Sponsorship Marketing at Visa. She and her team lead marketing activations for Visa sponsorship properties including US Soccer, NFL, Hudson Yards, US Ski & Snowboard, and more for events including Super Bowl LVI and SheBelieves Cup Presented by Visa.


Prior to her current role, she was previously on the media team at Visa as Director, US Social Media & Sponsorship Amplification and Manager, Social Media. Before Visa, she spent five years working in a mix of social media and international marketing for large retail brands. 


Outside of Visa, Cassandra loves running, hiking, surfing, and generally being outside and in nature.