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Game of Her Own

Jun 2, 2022

2021 Super Bowl Champions. A community on Tik Tok of 42K and growing. Chasing their dreams in the sports industry and helping others do the same. That’s only some of the incredible work that this powerful duo is doing. 

I got to sit down with Jayme Floyd, Marketing & Fan Engagement Coordinator, and Sky Whitman, Account Executive for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  


Listen in as we talk about: 

  • How good leaders manage high achieving team members 
  • What it's like to be a part of a Super Bowl Championship team 
  • Why you should tell your manager what you need in order to do your best work 
  • Where Jayme found motivation when going after a new role 
  • What happened when Sky's original plan of getting a job with the Bucs didn’t go as planned 
  • How Jayme & Sky supported each other while they were competing against each other 
  • How Jayme & Sky built a following of 42,000 followers on Tik Tok 

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Jayme was born in Northern California and is a proud alumn of the University of Nevada - go pack!  Her love for sports and the sport community grew from her background in sideline and allstar cheerleading. Before entering the professional sports industry, she worked for the Universal Cheerleaders Association. With UCA, Jayme traveled the world both instructing athletes and producing various cheer events. In 2017 she moved to Denver with her now-husband, Niilo to work for the Denver Nuggets. After two years in ticket sales with the Nuggets, she moved with Niilo and their two dogs to Tampa to work for the Buccaneers! Earlier this year Jayme was promoted internally and is now the Marketing and Fan Engagement Coordinator! In 2021 she joined forces with Sky to create @jaymeandsky - where they both share their experience in the industry with the goal of inspiring the next generation of sports professionals. Outside of work Jayme enjoys traveling to new countries and boating in the beautiful waters of Florida!


Skylar Whitman was born and raised in Potomac, Maryland before attending the University of Tampa. She always knew she wanted to work in some form of entertainment, but it wasn’t until her senior year that she had an opportunity to explore working in sports though a game day role with the Buccaneers corporate partnerships team. Since graduating in 2018, Sky has worked for three Tampa Bay sports teams and has now been an Account Executive with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for three years. In March 2021, she and Jayme began their TikTok as a creative outlet with a mission to provide accessible and digestible information to those wanting to break into the industry. Outside of sports, Sky loves boxing and weightlifting, and when Jayme invites her on the boat.