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Game of Her Own

May 5, 2022

Senior Coordinator of Special Projects for U.S. Soccer, Sabrina Alsaffar, has gone through a lot in her incredible journey and she does not hold back in sharing it with us. In this episode, you will certainly laugh a lot. You will be outraged at some of the things she’s gone through. You will feel sheer joy for how she boldly went after what she wanted. You will also feel compelled to connect with her and make sure she is a part of your network.   In this episode, we talk about 

  • How she broke the mold of what was expected of her by her immigrant parents 
  • What she did when someone in HR told her to “go back to your little country” 
  • How she brought up uncomfortable D&I truths in interviews 
  • Why she made the jump from Government to Sports 
  • Why you should think about if you are unhappy or on autopilot 

And you know there is so much more! 


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Sabrina Alsaffar is a Canadian transplant who pivoted from international affairs to the most internationally followed game - soccer. Starting off her career in crisis communications and digital analytics, Sabrina has worked on global campaigns like UN Security Council Bid, The G7 Summit and the UN General Assembly. She led in digital analytics, social media strategy and advised 200 Canadian embassies and consulates around the world on their comms strategies. After moving to DC to complete her master’s in marketing and communications, she found a new opportunity to pursue an old passion - sports. She is now the Senior Coordinator of Special Projects and U.S. Soccer, working on projects like SheBelieves and the 2022 World Cup.