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Game of Her Own

Mar 24, 2022

I could have talked to today’s guest all day long! Her answers to my questions were thought-provoking and led to such a great discussion. Chelsea Suitos is the Co-Founder and Head of Athlete Branding & Partnerships for Players Collxctive, a boutique sports agency that focuses solely on representing female athletes. 

Get this, she is not only the Co-Founder of Players Collxctive, she is currently working for Instagram focusing on strategic partnerships for creator shopping for sports, fitness, and entertainment. 

Listen in as we talk about: 

  • How Chelsea takes the emotion out of conversations 
  • Why it’s normal to feel fear when you share ideas with others 
  • How she handles being a founder of a start-up and working a full-time job 
  • What lessons she has learned from her failures 
  • Some of the challenges of being a business owner with strong boundaries 


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Chelsea Suitos (Sweet-ose) is a former Division I & National Team Softball Athlete who competed at The University of Arizona as well as with the Philippines National Team. Chelsea spent the past 6+ years working at Nike World Headquarters working across Merchandising, Brand Marketing, Sports Marketing and Sales using her influence as an athlete to help bring teams together to create women's specific product to serve female athletes the way they deserve. 

She is currently working for Instagram focusing on Strategic Partnerships for Creator Shopping. In addition to her work in Tech, Chelsea Co-Founded a boutique sports agency called Players Collxctive that focuses soley on representing female athletes. Players Collxctive mission is to inspire change creating a level playing field for all. Chelsea's role at Players Collxctive is leading Athlete Brand & Partnerships. 

Chelsea's ultimate passion is to leave the world of sport better than when she left it, and bridge the gap of gender disparities in sport is what gets her out of bed every single day.